Henry Williams

A.I. and Future of Social Interactions

“Alone, Together: How Technology Separates Us” — Henry Williams notes that we live in a world that is saturated with a web of connected devices. Although the internet purports to keep us in closer contact, he adds, technology is actually pulling us apart, putting up barriers in social circles that keep us in our own separate digital worlds. Henry’s talk will argue that fundamentally, our technology status quo is manipulating our psychology, fracturing our culture, and making us—young people especially—profoundly unhappy. Despite this crisis, he says, there are reasons for optimism: that technology is becoming more "human," that the world of internet subcultures can nurture the lonely, and that we will someday be able to define healthy digital identities. If we are wise in our journey to the future, we can craft a world where we are brought together by our "black mirrors" more than we are torn apart.